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The Best Pizza on the Peninsula!

I'm terrible about taking photos of food -- hence the lack of a photo for this posting. I love the idea, but often I'm so entranced by the process of eating that I simply forget to do it. Case in point, my experience with Heirloom Pizza Company. I have yet to take a photo of the pizza because I am more interested in eating than photographing it when it is in front of me.

Next time. Promise.

Delivery and take out are going strong at this pizzeria. Every time I have gone to pick up my pizza, the small warmer up front is bursting with take-out orders. The small patio out front is closed until the pandemic blows over.

"Enough about the place!" you say. "What about the pizza?!"

My household prefers a good deep dish pizza when it's done right. By "right," I mean a true deep dish, not just a thicker crust topped with average ingredients, but like a pie, with a hollow crust that is brimming over with the most delicious and fresh ingredients available. That's what makes Heirloom's pizza creations so special. Their authentic, deep dish pizzas (so heavy with fillings that I have to use a knife and fork), the fresh and interesting ingredients they fill them with, and that delicious crust!

Heirloom does their best to use organic produce whenever possible. Squash, arugula and leeks are some of the more interesting ingredients in their specialty pizzas -- and they work! Twelve specialty pizzas, six thin and six deep dish varieties, are available right off the menu, including all-veggie choices. They have a "build-your-own" option with such diverse toppings as broccoli, meatballs and jalapenos. Any of their pizzas can be made with a thin crust or as a deep dish. There are also appetizers, entrees, and desserts available for pick up or delivery. Beer and wine, too.

A note about the pizza crust, which I can't get enough of!

I'm always testing pizza crusts for flavor and digestibility. I have a bit of a wheat intolerance -- it's more about the way bleached, enriched white flour is processed than the actual wheat itself -- so I am always conscious of how the crust affects me. Heirloom's deep dish crust has a more crunchy texture on the outside, and my inquiries with the restaurant confirmed my suspicion that cornmeal is one of the primary ingredients. Heirloom also uses unbleached flour and soybean oil that has not been genetically modified, making their crusts even more consumer friendly. I love this crust so much I down the whole thing and have never had a problem. My stomach feels happy, I am happy, and I want to return for more!

Heirloom uses a no-frills, online ordering system that is sufficient for ordering anything right off the menu -- but if you want to do something different, like ordering half-and-half pizzas (which we often do), you need to call directly. The waitstaff are always super friendly and helpful. They even call me by my name when I order and pick up. These little touches make me feel welcome and add to the overall community spirit this business embraces.

Healthy and fresh ingredients combined with delicious, and digestible crusts! True deep dish glory with double the toppings in every slice! I love this pizza and I love the local expertise that goes into making it. Heirloom is, truly, one of the peninsula's best.

Heirloom Pizza Company. Located on Cass Street in downtown Monterey, CA. (831) 717-4363.

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